Spoil Mum at Home

Whether you live together or apart, here's how you can make her day special.
Ok, so we can do without Sunday pub lunches with the family for a while. We can even cope without the beaches for a while (it’s cold anyway, so there!). BUT COVID-19 YOU’VE CROSSED THE LINE. Mother’s Day is nearly here and celebrating our mum’s (or being celebrated ourselves) is something we cherish.
Celebrations of any kind are a little tricky at the moment. We may not be able to control the circumstances around social distancing this Mother’s Day, but we CAN still make it special. In fact, here are some ideas for you, to ensure it’s celebrated in style. We even think this year gives us an opportunity to make Mother’s Day more meaningful than ever.
With social distancing has come a few silver linings. Valuing our family more than ever, especially those we can’t see readily anymore. Connecting, talking, writing, being together.
So rather than be sad about what we CAN’T do, let’s talk about some wonderful things we CAN do, to make this Mother’s Day more meaningful than ever.
  • Fancy breakfast - Spoil mum by preparing her favourite breakfast in bed, or create a resaurant quality setting in your dining room.
  • Family picnic - Have a family picnic inside with mum on the living room floor, or if you have one, in the backyard. Gather all mum’s favourite foods and set up a lovely area with a rug, cushions and flowers. Play her favourite music and sit down together and talk.
  • Gaming fun - Host an in-home games night. Ask mum her favourite game, set it up and have a whole lot of family fun! Or… get out a puzzle and work on it together! You can even order a personalised puzzle online.
  • Scavenger hunt - Make an in-home scavenger hunt with clues leading to gifts. The gifts could be as simple as a little picture or note from the kids, or as lavish as a wrapped gift.
  • T-shirts - Order (or make) some fun t-shirts for mum, telling her how much you love her. Or get the kids to draw a portrait of her on a shirt.
  • Care parcel - Send mum a care parcel in the mail. Write a handwritten note. Get the kids to draw a special picture. Even get on pinterest and look up how to make a special DIY pop up card.
  • Dinner delivery - Organise a special gourmet dinner delivery from mum’s favourite restaurant.
  • Virtual date - Tee up a time to have a meal with mum. Use Zoom, Houseparty or another video call app to share it face to face. You could even plan a special playlist of mum’s favourite music, or music that makes you think of mum.
  • Gratitude video - Make a beautiful video montage of everything your mum means to you. Get your siblings, kids and even partners involved. Video call and share your screen while she watches how much she means to you.
  • Drive by - If mum doesn’t live too far away, do a drive by with music, gifts, singing and streamers.
Best wishes for a beautiful Mother’s Day.


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